How to broadcast an event

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Schedule your Online Event with the app

Broadcasting your events with The Hat is simple and faster than ever.

Just go on the app, schedule an Online Event saying when will it be, name and description.

Only authorized accounts can schedule Online Events so, if you are a new user, make sure you complete your profile, you will get the authorization email soon.

The Hat provides you with one free event every week. Live streaming has costs and we would never limit the amount of art you can produce so you can use donations from free events to cover the cost of a second or third event of the week (3 EUR, USD or GBP). Also, you will get extra credits for every event that collects more than 100 EUR, USD or GBP.

Start broadcasting!

You can broadcast your event from any device and using any equipment you want with an RTMP standard broadcasting app or software, there are many options but we have tested Larix Broadcaster (mobile or tablet) and OBS Studio (Mac or Windows). They are both free and work great!

4 to 5 minutes before you go live, you can copy your stream key and url from your event page or on your app or on the website. No username or password is required for this.

The maximum duration for Online Events is 60 minutes.

Your event will be watched by art lovers all over the world from the app or from ART OPEN TV.

During the event, your screen will show you your stream, the number of users that viewed, the chat window and the donations you are collecting. The content and donations will be available for up to one year!

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Tips & Tricks

Your broadcast will be automatically turned into a video at the scheduled time, make sure you have time to say bye. If you are done before that time, make sure you finish the event from the app so it’s immediately available for new viewers to watch it and donate.

All your past events will continue to be available on ART OPEN TV and on your profile, therefore, in order to get the best results, we recommend to do short sessions with different content. And don’t forget to share them on your social networks! You can keep sharing them even after they happen.

During the event, it’s good to have the app or your computer connected to the event page, that will allow you to see what you are broadcasting and interact on the chat.

Broadcasting with Larix

1. Copy the complete URL from your event’s page (will show 5 min before due time)

2. Open Larix Broadcaster and go to Settings

3. If it’s the first time you use it, make sure you have the right settings. We recommend:

– The resolution depends on your equipment and your bandwidth. If you are not sure, 960×544 is a decent resolution

– Back side camera

– Landscape

– Audio Channel count: Stereo

4. Create a new connection (if you already have one, you can edit it)

5. Paste the URL (you don’t need any username or password) and save

6. Start broadcasting!

Broadcasting with OBS

1. Copy the server URL from your event page on ART OPEN TV

2. Paste it in OBS (Settings->Stream). Make sure the service is Custom. You won’t need to repeat this step for subsequent broadcasts

3. Copy and paste the Stream Key too, this is unique for every event

4. Make sure you have configured your audio and video devices and you can Start Streaming!

Some extra help:

– If you want to add audio sources from a Mac, you will need to download and install sound routing plugin like Soundflower or iShowU and you may need to adjust Sync Offset (as shown on the video)

– If you want to use your iPhone as a camera on a Mac, you can do it for free by downloadíng this app or this one and adding your iPhone as a Video Capture Device

– If you want to use any phone’s camera with any computer, you can use any IP Webcam application, there are many, from low-resolution free options to high quality paying apps

– If you want to use your DAW with OBS on a Mac computer, check out this interesting video

– And you’ll find here how to do it with a Windows computer

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support

Let’s MAKE ART HAPPEN Online!!!

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Start making art happen. Don’t forget to recommend it to your artist friends and to your favorite venues, the app is free for them too. The bigger our community is, the more rewarding your experience with The Hat will be