Requirements and conditions for Artists

Creating your profile is very simple, just choose a category from the 9 provided.

At your first login, edit your profile and:

  1. Upload a good picture.
  2. Tell us about your genre / style.
  3. Add an attractive description: tell everyone about your art, your projects, etc.

You can now announce your events and start receiving donations!

Scheduling events is fast and easy:

  1. You can upload an event picture or leave your own photo to identify the event.
  2. Set date, time and duration.
  3. Enter a title and description.
  4. Indicate location on the map.
  5. Optionally, give your audience additional instructions to find you.

Because The Hat collects donations for you, it is intended to be used only during free events as indicated in the terms of use you sign upon registration.

From 5 minutes before the indicated time, you can already activate the event in the app and start your performance. Your audience will be able to send you donations until two hours after the end of the event. In some cases, they might also throw you virtual tomatoes. Tomatoes are made available only to artlovers who make donations and can only be seen by the people present at the event who are connected on the app. Don’t take them too seriously, but you can use them as an indicator of your performance.

If you don’t have time to schedule your event beforehand, the “Right Here, Right Now” feature lets you start an event on the spot. It’s even easier and faster! But we must warn you, it’s always better if you announce an event in advance.

Remember that if an event is not activated within the first 30 minutes of its scheduled starting time, it will automatically disappear from The Hat. All the past events remain in your history and you access them whenever you want.

When you are performing, have our sticker visible or, if you do not have one, download our PDF here. To ensure that your audience identifies you well, also have your Artist Code visible, you can download it directly from the App, this way nobody can usurp your identity and get donations on your behalf. Protecting our artists is our top priority.

The donations you receive will be available to transfer to your bank account after two weeks (this is due to the regulations of online payments with credit card). After that period you can transfer the money whenever you want.

The Hat takes a 15% fee (taxes included) directly from your audience’s donations. Two hours after each event, you will get by email a summary with our bill.

The Hat collects donations for you in three different currencies: EUR (euro), GBP (pound sterling) and USD (USA dollar). You will therefore have 3 wallets in your app which you can cash into your bank account whenever you want. Depending on your wallet’s currency and your bank account’s country, The Hat may need to charge banking fees. In that case, you will be notified. If you confirm, The Hat will deduct the fee directly from the amount to be transferred. For wallets in EUR and artists in the Euro Zone, cash out is completely free. For wallets in GBP and artists in UK it has a cost of 1 GBP (taxes included) and all the rest of cases have a cost of 3 USD, 3 GBP or 3 USD depending on the wallet’s currency.

The Hat is an emerging project and consequently our banking fees per transaction are very high. Our commitment is to lower our fees as the project grows and gets strength for a better negotiation with payment platforms.